How to choose the best digital tablet

How to choose the best digital tablet

The tablet market has recently experienced a meteoric rise. The interest of using this technology lies in the diversity of the functionalities it brings. Among other things, it allows you to connect to the Internet, access your emails, read and manage documents. However, due to the variety of models available, it is important to take into account certain criteria in order to make a better choice. Here are some tips on how to choose the right touchscreen tablet.

Take into account the screen ?

It is now possible to find formats with screens ranging from 7 to 13 inches or 17 to 32 centimeters diagonal. Even if the 10-inch tablet is currently in vogue, the dimensions of the shield vary according to the use. There are generally three types of use:

  • Nomadic use;
  • Sedentary use ;
  • Sedentary use plus.

For video enthusiasts, for example, it is recommended to opt for models from 11 to 13 inches. Indeed, these formats are better suited to multimedia, i.e. games and films.
Apart from the size, the screen is also characterized by its definition. As a reminder, the definition is the number of pixels that make up the screen. In general, a minimum definition of 1024×600 is recommended. However, for a better quality shield you need enough pixels.

Choose according to the storage capacity

Today’s touch devices come in several storage capacities. They vary in a standard way from 4 to 128 GB. In reality, this is the space available to store files and install applications. To allow customers to benefit from more storage capacity, new products are designed to accommodate external memory. The external memories are varied and allow the customer to increase the memory of the product as they wish.

Take into account the operating system

The choice of a tablet is based on its operating system. With this in mind, referring to a buying guide is one of the best alternatives for making the ideal choice. There are three different operating systems.

iOS operating system

The iOS operating system is the one developed by Apple and used by the iPad tablets. It is available in several versions, and is known for its stability, extreme simplicity and the number of applications it offers.

Android operating system

Android is the operating system par excellence of the American giant Google. Android tablets are equipped with it to make them easier to use. Like iOS, it is available in several editions and has several applications.

Windows operating system

The Windows operating system is the creation of the Microsoft company. It is available in several versions and ensures the proper functioning of Microsoft tablets. It has a good reputation and provides access to many applications.

Make sure of the autonomy

To be able to benefit from a good comfort during its use, it is important to ensure the autonomy of the product. However, the question of autonomy varies according to the user. It will be less important to a professional than to a consumer who likes to move around. In addition, the ideal would be to consult the comparison of tablets to have a clear idea on the cost of the products. It should also be noted that in general, touch tablets have an energy sufficiency of at least 6 hours. Better yet, models that can be connected to a keyboard dock have a battery backup that allows them to reach 12 hours of autonomy.

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